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To provide quality learning and impart expert knowledge and the necessary tools for one to enhance their skills in order to elevate the standards of their profession.

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I have been involved in the legal industry my entire adult life. I am passionate about my profession and love teaching and training others. It brings me such joy to see others' successes and to know that I played a small role in their journeys.

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Eclipse one-on-one training; group training; document setup; automatic indexing; Dragon training, and so much more . . .

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What others have to say . . .

"Jennifer is a gem in the voice world! I'm a self-taught reporter and stumbled my way through Dragon and Eclipse as best I could before enrolling in Jennifer's Eclipse A - Z course. As an instructor, she is excellent. The handouts provided each week are clear and concise. The lessons are well-prepared and well-presented. Week after week, I had many ah-ha moments. My biggest takeaway, however, is how much Jennifer makes herself available to answer questions outside of class. More times than I can count, I've run into an issue and reached out to her for guidance. Never once did she make me feel like my question was stupid, even when the answer was incredibly simple. Thank you, Jennifer, for teaching me so much and for being endlessly supportive of me in my journey from student to certified court reporter."

"Jennifer's class offers busy, working, "seasoned" reporters a chance to take on voice recognition in small bites so we can understand each step -- not 20 hours crammed into 8 hours with a blessing to go forth and do realtime. She is generous with her time and even offers follow-up help. I feel she genuinely wants to help us to conquer voice recognition. If you follow her on the different court-reporting Facebook pages, you will see she is always ready to answer questions and come to the aid of a fellow reporter. I can't recommend her on-line class enough -- well worth it!"

"I have known Jennifer Thompson for many years. She has trained me in all aspects of my court reporting career, from being a student to making the leap to realtime. She is an amazing teacher, trainer and mentor. Her content is always well-organized and each lesson builds on the last so that in the end, you have a full and complete understanding of the information. Her knowledge of the topic she is presenting is always apparent and she truly enjoys helping others to reach their full potential. But that is just in the “classroom.” She is always willing and makes herself available to assist outside of “class” with any questions, issues, or just further clarification. If you are willing to do the work, you will succeed under her instruction."

“Road to Realtime was exactly what I needed. Jennifer is an excellent instructor who dots every I and crosses every T in a way that is understandable. The class has a A LOT of information, but it is presented and taught so that you do not feel overwhelmed. I highly recommend this class to new reporters, reporters transitioning to realtime and even current users of Eclipse. There’s so much you can do to cut your production time in half – you will be amazed.”

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